Spotlight on the Lizard: Kynance Cove to Cadgwith. Hiking or Trail Running.

Spotlight on the Lizard.
Kynance Cove to Cadgwith.


Cadgwith Cove

Start point: Kynance Cove car park
Turn around point: Cadgwith.
Route stats (out and back)
Distance: 11 miles
Highest point: 55m
Lowest point: 9m
Total accent: 650m
Total decent: 650m

[Courtesy of Bing Maps and Ordinance Survey]

[Courtesy of Bing Maps and Ordinance Survey]

Buy your Ordinance Survey Map from Amazon here: OS Explorer 103 The Lizard.

As we get out of the car the air is fresh, with a very light breeze coming off the sea. The early morning sun covers the cliffs in a weak golden glow. The sea is calm, a deep sapphire blue with little wavelets sparkling like glitter in the morning sun. The early start at Kynance Cove car park saw us arriving before the car parking attendant. Lucky there are no gates on the car park. We apply sun cream and check the straps on our packs. Then we walk across the car park to join the coast path. We take about 50 steps at a light jog before being stopped by a herd of highland cattle with calves on the path (these cattle are used by the National Trust to manage the vegetation). Their dark brown hair matted and damp in the morning dew. We walk past keeping away from the young. The cattle chew on regardless giving us little attention and we are soon breaking into a light jog. The trail is muddy and rutted, but today baked dry by the summer sun. We make good progress and are soon into a nice rhythm.

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Top 5 trail running places in Mid & West Cornwall

Top 5 trail running places in Cornwall

Cornwall is home to some great trail and ultra running races due to its dramatic scenery, changeable weather and abundant trails.

With so many great running spots we couldn’t cover them all in a ‘top 5’. So if your favourite spot doesn’t get a mention, please leave a comment below and we can review it for a future blog post.

Here is our top 5 list of the best trails in Cornwall to run.

Runner up – The Bissoe Trail
Being an old mine tramway this trail is mostly flat and wide enough to cycle 4 abreast. It also barely passes the trail running test of “if you can push a pushchair along it, it’s not a trail”. That said you do get a 22 mile round trip, off road, from coast to coast. Ideal.

Map: OS Explorer 104 Redruth and St Agnes.

5th place
5. North coast – Godreathy-Portreath-St Agnes

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